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Experience the thriving tourism scene of Fuengirola and Mijas regions with Welcome to Fuengirola & Mijas, the leading destination website for travellers. Whether you run a local business or provide services to visitors, our platform is the go-to resource for those planning a visit.

Take advantage of our affordable advertising options, starting at just €35.00 per year, and gain exposure to our extensive and diverse visitor base. Showcase your business, products, or services to a wide range of potential customers who rely on our website for travel information and recommendations.

Our website is dedicated to showcasing the wonders of Fuengirola, Mijas, and the surrounding communities, aiming to position them as exceptional destinations for visitors looking to explore, stay, shop, dine, drink, embark on adventures, and even tie the knot!

We strongly believe that offering a diverse range of accommodations, eateries, shops, and activities is essential in showcasing the abundance of attractions available within the Fuengirola and Mijas regions. By highlighting the wide array of options to potential holidaymakers and visitors, we aim to demonstrate the incredible variety and appeal of our communities.

Our goal is to inspire visitors to choose our regions as their ultimate holiday or travel destination by illustrating the multitude of experiences and opportunities they can enjoy. With a rich selection of accommodations, ranging from cosy B&Bs to luxurious hotels, and an impressive array of dining options, shops, and attractions, we aim to capture the interest and imagination of prospective travellers.

By presenting the extensive offerings within our communities, we hope to entice visitors to extend their stay and explore everything our regions have to offer. Additionally, by showcasing the breadth of experiences and attractions, we strive to encourage visitors to invest more in their time here, leading to a greater economic contribution to our local communities.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty and richness of this entire region, providing visitors with a comprehensive and unforgettable experience. Join us in promoting the wonders of Fuengirola and Mijas regions!


Our Basic Listing, which is displayed in the following example, offers you the following features:
35 annually
  • A 25-word description of your business
  • One image
  • A link to your website, Facebook, or booking page
  • A link to your Trip Advisor page (if applicable)
  • Click-to-call and email functionality with your telephone and email address
  • Service icons representing the offerings of your business
  • A link to your location on Google Maps


Our enhanced Featured Listing provides you with a captivating full-screen page on our website that includes:
65 annually
  • 300 words to effectively describe your business
  • Up to 10 images with a designated header image on your page
  • Featured Listings are prominently displayed in a dedicated 'Featured' section of the site
  • Unlimited external links to your website and social media pages
  • Your Basic Listing, which is free of charge for Featured Listings, is elevated towards the top of the section with a 'Featured' label
  • The ability to add special offers, triggering a 'Special Offer' label on your Basic Listing to increase its visibility
  • Your page is assigned a unique URL (website address) that you can use to promote your business if you don't already have a website
  • You receive two designated Facebook/Instagram posts per month on our social media feeds to further promote your business.

Additional promotional options

per month

Home page Highlights

In addition to our listings, we offer the opportunity to feature your business exclusively on the homepage as the sole image representing your sector. We have a limited number of five Homepage Highlights available for this purpose.

Your Stay

Choose from traditional rustic finca’s, beach front hotels, luxury villas, or cosy B&B’s, whatever suits your desires.


Your selected image will be showcased for a mutually agreed monthly duration, with a monthly cost of only €60. 

(All prices are exlusive of IVA)

Section Headers

Furthermore, we offer you the choice to prominently feature your business as one of three lead images within the corresponding section on our site, such as “Cafes.” This prime position allows your business to stand out in your industry.

The image will include a caption featuring your business name, and the tag will be linked directly to your Featured Listing on our site. 

per month

Your selected image will be showcased for a mutually agreed monthly duration, with a monthly cost of only €40. 

(All prices are exclusive of IVA)

Advertise Whats Happening or Your Event

Promote your event or showcase what’s happening at your establishment for as low as €5.
Feel free to contact us to discover more details. (All prices are exclusive of IVA)

Supporting Charities and Non-Profit Organisations



If your organisation is a registered local charity or non-profit, we provide Featured listings at no cost to you.

Additionally, if you’re hosting a local event or activity, you can freely showcase it in our What’s On & Events section.Your participation in these offerings is entirely free of charge.

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