Playa de Calahonda

Getting to Calahonda Beach is easy; just follow the N-340 road and take the Calahonda exit roundabout. This beautiful beach, located between Marbella and Mijas Costa, is a favorite among locals. It boasts golden sands and clear waters, making it perfect for a memorable family beach day. Plus, you’ll find convenient facilities like showers, trash bins, beach lounger rentals, and first aid services. Enjoy a hassle-free beach experience.

Playa de la Lucera

A tranquil beach just 5 minutes from La Cala de Mijas, ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape with authentic chiringuto cuisine.

Playa El Bombo/Cabo Rocoso

To reach this beach, take the Cala de Mijas exit roundabout. It’s a clean, dark sand beach ideal for diving. You’ll find trash bins, beach loungers for rent, easy highway access, water sports, and beach chiringuto bars nearby.

Playa de la Butibamba

Also known as Butiplaya and sometimes Torrevieja Beach, this is a safe beach and is in a semi-urban area, where there are usually holidaymakers or residents all year round. There are showers all along the beach, as well as public toilets and changing facilities. The beach is accessible for the disabled and there is a parking area reserved for beach goers. The usual beach beds and sunshades are available for rent, as well as lots of fun watersports from the humble pedalo to the more exciting marine activities.

Playa La Cala de Mijas

In the heart of Cala de Mijas, discover a renowned beach with clean, clear waters—a perfect spot for relaxation and sunbathing. Popular with local fishermen and tourists, it provides beach loungers, facilities for disabled individuals, and public showers.

Playa El Chaparral Beach

Playa del Chaparral

East of La Cala de Mijas is a headland, and the small beach in the rocks is Las Doradas. The next cove, opposite Urb Playa Marina is Playa del Chaparral. It’s a quiet beach where you can snorkel. Slightly further east, you will come across Playa Nudista de Playa Marina.

Playa Naturista de PlayaMarina

Just down from Playa del Chaparral, this beach was chosen by Mijas Town Hall as their Playa Naturista (Nudist Beach). A large blue sign by the road declares the nature of the beach. It is now called Playa Naturista de PlayaMarina.

El Charcón/Playa de la Campana

This quiet 940 metre stretch of beach is just to the east of El Faro. You can hire a beach bed to enjoy a quiet corner of sun. This is a sandy beach and is south facing.

Playa Los Tajos

Nestled among cliffs in the scenic Cala de Mijas landscape, this beach boasts a stunning natural backdrop. It stays pristine with summer cleaning services and offers amenities like loungers, showers, and trash bins.

Playa Faro De Calaburras

At the Calaburra point, Playa Faro de Calaburras has two steep rock face areas and over 1,000 meters stretch of sandy beach. This beach is popular with underwater swimming enthusiasts. There is a beach bar and sun beds for hire. This is also a favourite beach for people who like to fish from the shore and you can often see long fishing rods set up late into the night.

Playa Peñón del Cura/Playa Mare Nostrum

This is a rugged, rocky part of the coastline and leads into the El Faro beach to the west. It is 195 meters long and is a very popular area for scuba divers and underwater swimming. The conditions are excellent for this type of sport, but it is always advisable to take safety precautions, using the correct apparatus and never swimming alone.

Playa El Ejido/Playa del Castillo

Castillo Beach in Fuengirola, near Sohail Castle, boasts calm waters and fine dark sand. It’s moderately crowded and offers beach loungers, showers, and proximity to the Costa del Sol Hospital. You’ll find restaurants and beach bars for food and drinks.

Playa Para Perros

These dog-friendly areas offer a sandy playground for our four-legged friends to socialise, play, and run freely. With waste disposal stations and responsible pet owners, dog beaches create cherished memories for both humans and their loyal companions, all against a beautiful seaside backdrop.

Playa de Santa Amalia

Near Castillo Beach, you’ll discover Santa Amalia Beach, a 1-kilometer urban beach known for its family-friendly vibe. It offers everything you need: restaurants, beach bars, parking, accessible entrances, showers, and rentals of loungers, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

Playa de Fuengirola

Fuengirola, in the scenic Costa del Sol, offers an 8-kilometer coastline in total with stunning beaches. Chiringuitos along the shore serve local cuisine amidst rhythmic ocean waves. Well-kept facilities include showers, restrooms, and sun lounger rentals. Families have dedicated play areas, and water sports are available for the adventurous.

Playa de San Francisco

Playa de San Francisco is a shorter section (just over 300 metres) of beach. It has all the amenities you would expect from a central beach area. As with the other Fuengirola beaches, during the summer months it can be very crowded, while at other times of the year, it can be the perfect place for a peaceful day on the beach, or a stroll along the shore. It is very close to bars, restaurants and shops.

Playa Los Boliches

Playa Los Boliches is a charming beach with stunning scenery and a lively atmosphere, offering both relaxation and entertainment options for all. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day at the beach or an active one filled with water sports and dining, this beach has something for everyone.

Playa Las Gaviotas

This hidden gem beach offers tranquil, unspoiled beauty, a serene escape from crowded spots with soft golden sands and crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

Playa de Torreblanca

Torreblanca – Los Olimpos Beach, situated between Benalmádena and Fuengirola, is perfect for families. Stretching over 1,200 meters, it boasts the Q for Quality Tourism. The calm waters and slightly golden sands are complemented by a range of services, including accessible entrances, parking, restaurants, showers, beach loungers and umbrella rentals, and water sports equipment. Conveniently, the Torreblanca train station is just a few meters away.

Playa de Carvajal

Playa Carvajal is a family-friendly, spacious beach with 1.2 kilometers of golden sands, ideal for sunbathing and beach games. Chiringuitos offer refreshments and seafood. The well-kept promenade is great for strolls, and it’s easily accessible via public transport, including the nearby Carvajal train station, making it a convenient choice for sun and sea lovers in Fuengirola.