2 Doors Down

2 Doors Down is a modern bar with a pool table, dart board and 5 TV’s for sports. They also have a family entertainment table.

2 Doors Down stands as a contemporary haven, seamlessly blending modern decor with classic pub allure. Entering, you’re greeted by the vibrant ambiance of a place that effortlessly combines leisure and entertainment. The establishment boasts a diverse array of amenities, ensuring a multifaceted experience for all.

At the heart of the social hub is a sleek pool table, inviting enthusiasts to showcase their skills in a friendly and laid-back environment. A dart board adds a touch of competitive flair, offering you the chance to engage in spirited games. For sports aficionados, the spectacle is elevated with five strategically placed TVs, ensuring that no thrilling match or championship goes unnoticed.

However, 2 Doors Down is not just a haven for sports enthusiasts; it caters to families as well. The family entertainment table serves as a focal point for shared moments, providing an interactive and engaging experience for all ages. This thoughtful inclusion sets the bar apart, making it a versatile destination for various groups and occasions.

What truly sets 2 Doors Down apart is its welcoming and amiable staff. The friendly faces behind the bar go beyond just serving drinks; they contribute to the inviting atmosphere that defines the establishment. Their warm and accommodating nature creates an environment where you feel not just like customers but as part of a community.

To complement the convivial atmosphere, 2 Doors Down offers an array of bar snacks. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to accompany your drink or something to share with friends, the menu caters to diverse tastes.

In essence, 2 Doors Down encapsulates the essence of a modern bar – a place where entertainment, camaraderie, and relaxation converge. It’s a testament to the notion that a pub is not merely a venue but an experience, and 2 Doors Down ensures that every one leaves with memories of good times and warm camaraderie.

2 Doors Down is open from 12 noon to midnight, 6 days a week. Closed on Wednesday.

Calle Coronel Ripollet 5a, 29640, Fuengirola

  • Dart Board  
  • Disabled access  
  • Dog friendly  
  • Family friendly  
  • Payment Cards  
  • Pool Table  
  • Sports TV  
  • Wifi

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