ACE|SHIN Animal Care España

ACE|SHIN is committed to saving as many dogs and cats as possible and giving them all a new lease of life.

Fabienne Paques and Ton van den Broek, hailing from Belgium and the Netherlands, found themselves in sunny Spain, only to be moved by the dire plight of stray dogs in the face of a questionable government response. This led to the birth of ‘Animal Care Espana’ or ACE|SHIN on December 11, 1999, with a dual presence as ACE in the Netherlands and SHIN in Belgium. These dedicated organisations maintain two shelters in southern Spain, led by Fabienne Paques and Ton van den Broek in Mijas Costa and Paky Borrego Galafate in Algeciras, providing sanctuary and care for approximately 650 dogs, each with a unique and often challenging backstory.

Their charges encompass dogs scarred by abuse, abandoned puppies, street dogs struggling to survive, fortunate escapees from hunting, retired breeding females, and pets left behind by relocating owners. These examples merely scratch the surface of the diverse and heart-wrenching situations ACE|SHIN encounters daily.

Their mission includes raising awareness of animal suffering in Spain, advocating for improved laws and regulations, curbing dog sales in public areas, promoting mandatory neutering programs, enhancing nutrition and medical care, and launching information campaigns in Spanish schools.

Within the shelters, all animals receive necessary care, including food and medical attention. A dedicated team of volunteers and students in animal care and veterinary medicine monitors and documents the dogs’ progress. A veterinary clinic on-site provides medical care and tests for common Spanish canine illnesses like Leishmania, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, and Heartworm.

The adoption process involves creating profiles for each animal, assessing their temperament, and character. Suitable dogs are added to their database with photos and videos, leaving for their new homes with a passport, microchip, vaccinations, disease testing, and spaying or neutering.

ACE|SHIN hosts regular fundraising events in Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands to support their operational costs and welcomes any donation, large or small, with gratitude.

You can also support ACE|SHIN by shopping online. Use this link: and shop at over 600 stores. A donation will be made to ACE|SHIN on every purchase made, at no extra cost to you!

ACE El Refugio, Las Lagunas, 29649, Fuengirola


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