El Olivo de La Cala

El Olivo de La Cala´s dishes reflect their beautiful blend of nationalities. Seasonally inspired cuisine that takes you on a gastronomic adventure, with explosive, vibrant flavours.

El Olivo de La Cala’s journey as a restaurant began in 2009, but the roots of their story trace back to 2002 when they started in a cosy restaurant in Calahonda. Over the years, they’ve cultivated a diverse culinary team that operates like a tight-knit family, and their dishes reflect this beautiful blend of nationalities.

Rafael, the head chef and proud owner of the restaurant, boasts over thirty years of culinary experience. His journey began in France, where he received formal chef training. The rest of their dedicated professionals make up a remarkable team, and their collective passion for gastronomy shines through every dish they create.

They take pride in using seasonal ingredients, sourcing locally as well as from distant places, to craft a menu featuring over fifty delectable dishes. Their goal is to cater to every diner, ensuring there’s something for all tastes and dietary needs. They offer a variety of adapted dishes for vegetarians and coeliacs, ensuring that everyone can savour their cuisine without compromise.

At El Olivo de La Cala, their commitment to excellence and their love for the culinary arts drive them to provide a dining experience that is both diverse and delightful. They believe in making each meal special and memorable, from the first bite to the last. Whether you’re joining them for a romantic dinner, a family celebration such as a Wedding, Communion or Birthday or simply a meal with friends, their warm and inviting restaurant is the perfect backdrop for your culinary journey.

Come and savour the tastes and textures that their talented team has carefully crafted. Experience the joy of authentic, seasonally inspired cuisine that takes you on a gastronomic adventure, leaving a lasting impression of the vibrant flavours.

El Olivo de la Cala’s opening hours are:

Tuesday through to Thursday 18:30 – 00:00

Friday through to Sunday (and Festival’s) 13:00 – 00:00

Closed on Monday’s.

Calle Butiplaya 5, 29649, La Cala de Mijas


  • Family friendly  
  • Gluten free  
  • Parking  
  • Payment Cards  
  • Vegan Options  
  • Vegetarian Options

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