Mijas Felina Association

Mijas Felina Association is dedicated to controlling stray cats with the method of Trap, Neuter & Return. Volunteers dedicate their time and resources to help the cats.

Mijas Felina Association emerged from a shared concern for the welfare of street cats, addressing the pervasive issue of abandonment. Formed in March 2015, this association reflects a collective effort by compassionate neighbours striving to enhance the lives of these animals. The goal for Mijas Felina is to catch, sterilise and return as many cats as possible. In some instances, the cats do find their forever homes and are adopted into a loving environment.

Unlike traditional shelters, Mijas Felina operates without a physical facility. Instead, it relies on a dedicated group of volunteers and associates who contribute €6 monthly to cover essential costs. This financial support forms the backbone of their operations, enabling the organisation to extend care to street cats.

The volunteers engage in various fundraising initiatives to sustain their mission. Regular participation in markets, where items are sold to generate funds, serves as a crucial avenue. Additionally, local businesses collaborate to bolster financial resources, underscoring the community’s commitment to Mijas Felina’s invaluable work.

The absence of a conventional shelter does not deter Mijas Felina from actively addressing the needs of street cats. Instead, their approach emphasises the importance of community involvement and financial backing. The shared love for these animals fuels their collective determination to create better living conditions and mitigate the challenges faced by street cats.

Through their ongoing efforts, Mijas Felina exemplifies how grassroots initiatives, supported by local businesses and a network of passionate volunteers, can make a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable animals. The association’s commitment to its cause, coupled with the backing of the community, highlights the power of collective action in creating positive change for those in need.

Calle Rio Guadalteba 2, 29651, Las Lagunas de Mijas

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