MyThai Massage

MyThai Massage

MyThai Massage prides itself on offering authentic relaxing Thai Massages. With a warm welcome and hospitality, there is nowhere else to relax and unwind.

MyThai Massage, founded by Mai, is naturally Thai and has been in Spain for over 16 years. Mai loves to celebrate the diverse arts of Thailand, particularly the popular Thai art of massage. Fluent in Spanish, English, and Thai, Mai is on a mission to share the special essence of authentic Thai Massage with everyone.

Nestled just a minute’s walk from the rear of the Yaramar Hotel along the beachfront, MyThai Massage is easily accessible. The moment you step inside, the inviting ambience embraces you, creating a soothing atmosphere even before your massage begins.

The roots of Thai massages, shrouded in the mists of time, are believed to have originated over 2500 years ago. Historians suggest that these practices likely evolved in Buddhist monasteries, serving as therapeutic techniques for monks to preserve their health. In contemporary times, the art of Thai massage has achieved widespread popularity, with spas worldwide offering this ancient practice.

Distinguishing itself from Western massages, Thai massages involve an energising and rigorous process rather than the traditional stroking and kneading. Renowned for its healing properties, Thai massage is employed to treat various muscle problems, clear energy blockages, restore balance, and strengthen the body. Thai Massage aims to correct and re-establish energy flow in the body instead of just working on the spot where the problem manifests. Massages also are part of the social fabric of Thailand and they have a long history behind them.

MyThai Massage offers a selection of six different massages, including a foot massage, a Sports massage with oil, and, of course, the classic Traditional Thai Massage. You can pamper yourself with a 30 minute session, a 60 minute session, or on four of the massages available, a 90 minute session. Whether you seek relief for specific tightness or simply crave pampering and relaxation, MyThai Massage is your go-to destination.

MyThai Massage is open Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm.

Post-massage bliss? Head to our partner restaurant, Kuik Thai Food, for another round of Thai delights, seamlessly extending your relaxation with a burst of exquisite flavours.

Calle Francisco Cano 51, Los Boliches, 29640, Fuengirola


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