Red Mountain Buggy Tours

Discover Mijas countryside in a two-seater buggy for an exciting adventure. Ready to get dusty? Your journey starts now!

Prepare for an unparalleled off-road odyssey as you delve into the heart of Mijas on our exclusive Red Mountain buggy tours, officially endorsed by the Mijas Council. These excursions transcend traditional tours, transforming into exhilarating voyages through the Spanish wilderness, where rugged landscapes converge with natural beauty. Navigate winding paths and conquer challenging terrains.

Our family-friendly adventures offer an unforgettable means to explore this picturesque region. Feel the breeze in your hair as you weave through the mountain trails, backed by the beautiful Sierra de Mijas. Leading the charge is James, our founder, tour guide, and a qualified mechanic. With an intimate knowledge of the terrain and an unwavering commitment to safety, James ensures that our buggies are in peak condition. Our buggies offer exceptional performance and deliver unparalleled experiences. Beyond being a joy to drive, they are meticulously maintained in our fully equipped workshop.

To preserve an intimate and eco-friendly experience, our tours are small, accommodating up to six people with our three buggies. This not only ensures a private ambiance, but also minimises our impact on the tracks and trails we traverse.

Safety remains paramount on our tours. Responsible driving is non-negotiable – we strictly prohibit speeding, racing, drifting, or any form of hazardous driving. Please note that alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited before taking the wheel (drivers must be 18+).

Anticipate getting dusty, so wear suitable clothing. Opt for trainers as suitable footwear (no flip-flops allowed). Goggles are provided free of charge, and customers are welcome to bring a bandana for extra dust protection.

Now equipped with these essentials, are you prepared to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Secure your spot today; don’t miss the chance for the ride of a lifetime! Book your buggy tour now!

Calle La Alfalfa, 29651, Las Lagunas De Mijas


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