Saijai Thai Massage

Saijai Thai Massage offers authentic traditional Thai Massage and a variety of other massage therapies, providing a rejuvenating experience in a tranquil setting.

Saijai Thai Massage, conveniently situated near Fuengirola Train Station, is a haven of relaxation. Trained in Thailand and with over 20 years experience, 16 of those here in Spain, and with a warm welcome, you will feel right at home. 

At the heart of their offerings lies the Authentic Traditional Thai Massage, a time honoured practice that transcends mere physical relaxation. This ancient technique, passed down through generations, combines acupressure, stretching, and yoga principles to restore balance and vitality to both body and mind.

The Relaxing Massage with oil takes the experience to the next level, infusing a touch of indulgence into the therapeutic session. This combination soothes the senses, promoting a profound sense of relaxation while nourishing the skin with the healing properties of carefully chosen oils.

For targeted relief, Saijai Thai Massage offers a Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massage, addressing specific areas of tension with precision and expertise. This focused therapy is designed to alleviate stress and release tension, leaving you feeling revitalised and tension-free.

The Foot Massage, another gem in their repertoire, provides a blissful escape for tired feet. Rooted in reflexology, this treatment not only rejuvenates the feet but also revitalises the entire body through the stimulation of key pressure points.

For those seeking a more invigorating experience, the Sport Massage is tailored to ease muscle tension and enhance flexibility, making it ideal for both athletes and those seeking a dynamic wellness approach.

Saijai Thai Massage also offers a unique fusion in the form of the Mixed Sport and Thai Massage, combining the best of both worlds. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive and tailored session, catering to individual preferences and addressing specific wellness goals.

Step into Saijai Thai Massage, where the artistry of ancient Thai techniques meets modern wellness. Amidst the tranquil setting, you can unwind, rejuvenate, and embark on a holistic journey to well-being. Each massage is not just a therapy but a revitalising experience.

C / PA Jesus Santos Rein 11, EDF. Vega 3, Portal 1, 29640, Fuengirola


  • Air conditioning  
  • Disabled access  
  • Family friendly  
  • Payment Cards  
  • Wifi

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