The Blarney

The Blarney

The Blarney is a family run Celtic sports bar right in the centre of La Cala de Mijas. Serving breakfasts, lunch and afternoon snacks.

The Blarney, in La Cala de Mijas, is not just a bar; it’s a family-run Celtic sports haven, radiating warmth and hospitality. This charming establishment offers a multifaceted experience, seamlessly blending the friendliness of a family-run atmosphere with the vibrant energy of a sports bar.

From dawn till afternoon, The Blarney caters to your culinary cravings with a diverse menu. Indulge in hearty breakfasts, satisfying lunches, and tempting afternoon snacks, all crafted with a homemade touch. Specials rotate regularly, ensuring there’s always something new to tantalise your taste buds.

The beverage selection at The Blarney is as impressive as it is extensive. Choose from a wide array of beers and spirits, with the added delight of the quintessential draught Guinness. Whether you’re a fan of a crisp lager or prefer the depth of a well-crafted whiskey, there’s a drink to suit every palate.

Live sports take centre stage at The Blarney, with screens broadcasting your favourite games, creating an electric atmosphere for sports enthusiasts. 

If you’re seeking a more interactive form of entertainment, Friday nights bring the joy of Karaoke, filling the air with laughter and music.

For those who fancy a mental challenge, Mondays at 2:30 pm host a fun quiz guided by the charismatic John Sharples. Test your knowledge, compete with friends, and enjoy an afternoon of lively banter.

Thursday nights usher in a unique twist with Rock n Roll Bingo at 8 pm, once again hosted by the entertaining John Sharples. It’s a fusion of music, trivia, and bingo, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for all.

The Blarney offers both indoor and outdoor seating, allowing patrons to bask in the sunny terrace or enjoy the cosy ambience indoors. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely afternoon drink, a hearty meal, or an evening of lively entertainment, The Blarney beckons with its welcoming charm and diverse offerings, making it a cherished spot in La Cala de Mijas for locals and visitors alike.

Plaza Bulevar de La Cala, Local 25b, 29649, La Cala de Mijas


  • Air conditioning  
  • Disabled access  
  • Dog friendly  
  • Entertainment  
  • Family friendly  
  • Food served  
  • Gluten free  
  • Parking

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