The Fig Bistro

The Fig Bistro offers fine dining and live music in the beautiful charming square of Plaza San Juan, Fuengirola.

Nestled within the heart of Fuengirola lies The Fig Bistro, a captivating culinary sanctuary gracing the idyllic Plaza San Juan. This charming square exudes a warm and romantic ambiance, rendering it the perfect haven for those seeking a delightful dining experience.

Step into The Fig Bistro, where every culinary creation is thoughtfully prepared by the skilled chef. As you enter, you’re embraced by a tranquil oasis—a cool, serene courtyard that whispers promises of relaxation. The gentle breeze plays in the air, setting the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Indulge in a full-course meal, savour tantalising tapas, delight in decadent afternoon cakes, or groove to live music; at The Fig Bistro, every palate and occasion is catered to with finesse.

Envision this: the sun bestowing a warm glow upon Plaza San Juan, the soothing courtyard of The Fig Bistro, and the promise of fantastic cuisine awaiting your discerning taste buds. The extensive menu showcases culinary artistry that ranges from hearty meals to delightful tapas. Not forgetting their Bi Weekly Specials menu, the choice of food is almost endless.

The Fig Bistro is more than just a place to dine; it’s an invitation to relish life’s simple pleasures in an environment that exudes charm and romance. Whether you’re sharing an intimate meal with a loved one or gathering with friends for a grand feast, this bistro encapsulates the essence of culinary excellence in a picturesque locale.

Surrender to the allure of The Fig Bistro, where every visit transforms into a celebration of delectable flavours, a serene courtyard, and the welcoming embrace of a charming square. Allow the gentle breeze to carry your cares away as you immerse yourself in the culinary treasures that grace this hidden gem in Fuengirola.

But The Fig Bistro offers more than exquisite flavours; it invites you to embrace the magic of live entertainment in an environment that elevates your dining experience to new heights of delight.

The Fig Bistro is closed on Sunday and Monday

Tuesday to Saturday: Food served from 12:00 – 16:00

Bar open until 19:00

Live music every Saturday.

Plaza San Juan n.19, Calle Geraneos Fuengirola, 29640


  • Disabled access  
  • Food served  
  • Payment Cards  
  • Vegetarian Options

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