The Mariners Pub

The Mariners Pub, located in Fuengirola Port, is a British owned café that loves its pool, darts, singing and dancing. Go along for a party!

The Mariners Pub, nestled in the heart of Fuengirola Port, stands out as a welcoming British-owned establishment, inviting patrons into a warm and inviting atmosphere. This popular pub caters to diverse tastes, offering a menu that spans from hearty breakfasts to satisfying snacks and substantial main meals, ensuring there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. With the kids being able to make their own meals by picking from a selection of dishes, every member of the family is catered for.

The pub is not just a place to indulge in delicious food; it’s also a hub for entertainment and socialising. With a pool table and dartboard available, patrons can engage in friendly games while enjoying their favourite beverages. These interactive features add a layer of enjoyment to the overall pub experience, fostering a lively and communal atmosphere.

Adding to the vibrant ambiance, The Mariners Pub hosts regular karaoke nights, providing a platform for guests to showcase their singing talents. These events contribute to the pub’s lively character, encouraging patrons to participate and create memorable moments together.

The Mariners Pub is a seven-day-a-week destination, opening its doors at 12 noon and welcoming guests until late into the evening. This extended schedule allows for daytime relaxation and evening revelry, ensuring that patrons can enjoy the pub’s offerings at their convenience. On Sundays, the pub adopts a more relaxed pace, closing early at 5 pm, providing a laid-back conclusion to the weekend.

In essence, The Mariners Pub successfully combines the charm of a British-owned establishment with a diverse menu and engaging entertainment options. Its commitment to providing a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike, offering good food, friendly competition, and vibrant social experiences, has solidified its status as a well-loved destination in Fuengirola Port.

Puerto Deportivo, Local 311, och 312, 29640, Fuengirola


  • Dart Board  
  • Disabled access  
  • Dog friendly  
  • Entertainment  
  • Family friendly  
  • Food served  
  • Gluten free  
  • Parking  
  • Payment Cards  
  • Pool Table  
  • Wifi

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